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A Village is a community of neighbors and friends. Membership in Silver Spring Village provides opportunities for you to make new friends; expand your support network; and become a more independent, better-informed, and more active participant in your community.

We offer two types of membership, Full and Associate.  Both membership levels offer valuable benefits (described below) for individuals and couples. 

Full Membership is available to people who live within our defined service area—all of zip codes 20910 and 20901, 20815 east of Rock Creek Park, and 20902 east of Wheaton Regional Park ("Kemp Mill").

Associate Membership is 
open to all who wish to join us, regardless of residency location.

Here's what our members have to say:  

       *I am such a happy camper!  Village membership rocks!
       *Mom and I can't say enough about this group of people.  We're lucky to have them in Silver Spring.
       *If you're thinking about joining, please do it -- for the peace of mind! 
       *People ought to be signing up in droves!

Read below to see which membership level best meets your needs and interests. 

BENEFITS FOR ALL MEMBERS (Full and Associate Members)

In order to protect the health of our members, volunteers, and staff during the coronavirus pandemic, we had to make significant, temporary changes in the member benefits described below.  Now, while continuing to closely monitor the virus and official guidance regarding safety, we are ready to restore certain volunteer services as well as in-person, outdoor gatherings for small groups.   

We look forward to the time we can safely restore all of our previously offered member benefits!

Activities that Are Stimulating, Educational, and Fun

We invite ALL of our members to the interesting and fun programs that we design for education, socialization, and recreation. Examples include social gatherings; educational presentations; discussions about news events and current issues; restaurant get-togethers; neighborhood history tours; and excursions to movies, museums, sports events, and performances.  Some programs are open to the public.  To see the variety of offerings, please visit our "Calendar" page.  
Note:  By prior arrangement, members are welcome to bring a prospective member to most Village events.  Please email or call (240) 833-5580 to ensure that space is available.


Interest Groups

In addition to the many activities planned by our Programs Committee, we have a large and growing number of member-initiated interest groups. These regularly scheduled meet-ups include:  discussion groups (current events, books, poetry, philosophy, mindfulness, and "getting to know you"); and games (Bridge, Scrabble, Poker, Chess, Mah Jongg, and Canasta).  Other groups are walking, writing memoirs, reading plays, creating artwork, stitching for charity, watching movies, learning tech skills, conversing in German, and going out for lunch or dinner.  One of our popular groups is the monthly men's brunch.  A support group for caregivers and a play-writing group are the newest additions. Interest groups meet at least monthly, with some meeting every week.
    Labels.Connie_1400904286.jpg    Chess-3.1.18_1437039558.jpg  
 To see photos from more of our activities, click here
Negotiated Discounts That Will Save You Money
  • Home Maintenance Professionals: Electricians, plumbers, lawn care services, and other home maintenance professionals that serve Silver Spring neighborhoods are cooperating with us to offer our members discounts on home repairs and maintenance.  
  • Local Shops and Restaurants: Numerous local shops and restaurants in downtown Silver Spring have agreed to give our members discounts of at least 10% on goods and services. 

Subscription to Washington Consumers’ CHECKBOOK 

All members receive the online version of Washington Consumers’ CHECKBOOK, to help them identify reliable and affordable service providers. CHECKBOOK rates local repair services, stores, health services, personal services, and more. 

Membership in Montgomery County Employees Federal Credit Union

All Village members and volunteers may choose to join the Montgomery County Employees Federal Credit Union.  Among the benefits are free checking, consumer loans, free financial education, and mobile banking.  For information, visit or call 301-279-1964.

Access to Our Village Information Service

All members can call our office for information concerning resources for seniors that are available in Montgomery County. We can help you find resources for health information, home care, caregiver support, consumer information and protection, financial assistance and public benefits, grief and bereavement, hospice and palliative care, recreation, transportation, and more.  

We can also help you identify qualified home maintenance professionals, like electricians and plumbers, based on ratings in Washington Consumers’ CHECKBOOK, members’ satisfaction, and our knowledge of local public resources. (Payment and scheduling of professional services is the member’s responsibility.)  

Full Members receive all of the benefits described above PLUS:

Volunteer Services

Full Members may request the help of our Village volunteers, who provide the many services listed below. The cost of these services is covered by payment of your Full Membership dues. 

  • Personal Contacts and Friendly Visits: Volunteers visit with Full Members by phone and in person, providing opportunities for companionship and conversation, or just to say hello.  Also, in case of a storm, power outage or other emergency, a volunteer "storm buddy" can make sure you are ok and that you have what you need.
  • Transportation: If you are a Full Member who doesn't drive, you can request a volunteer driver to take you where you need to go or to run an errand for you. Typical destinations are grocery stores, doctors’ offices, meetings, and social and educational events, including those sponsored by our Village. 
  • Household Assistance: Volunteers help Full Members with a wide variety of indoor tasks, such as replacing a smoke detector battery or ceiling light, moving boxes or furniture from one room to another, replacing an A/C filter, and removing window screens. Outdoors, volunteers can clear a snowy walk, water plants, or clear storm debris. If you are away, volunteers might watch for mail or packages, or provide pet care.
  • Technology: Full Members may request a volunteer to help with computers, remote controls, telephones, programmable thermostats, and other electronic devices.
  • Medical Note-Taking:  Specially trained volunteers are available to accompany members to medical appointments.  They make sure the member's questions get answered and provide a written record of the medical encounter.

For services that cannot be performed by our volunteers, we will provide referrals to qualified professionals. These referrals are based on ratings in Washington Consumers’ CHECKBOOK, members’ satisfaction, and our knowledge of local public resources. (Payment and scheduling of professional services is the member’s responsibility.)   



Hassle-Free Help: When you need help, a single phone call or email to the Village will set things in motion. No more wondering “Who can I call?” A Village volunteer will find out what you need and identify a volunteer or appropriate professional who can help. For most volunteer services, we ask that you give us a week’s notice. However, we will also try to meet members’ unanticipated needs on short notice. 

This Is YOUR Village: We design programs and services based on member interests and needs. We encourage members to communicate with us, in person, by phone, or by email. We want you to let us know what you need or want, what works and what doesn’t, and your ideas about how to make our Village stronger. And we will reach out to members through information sent directly to you or posted on our website.  This includes our widely distributed bi-monthly newsletter, the Village Vibe, and the monthly Insider, which goes exclusively to our members and volunteers.  

Our phone line and email are monitored daily. When you contact us, someone will speak to you directly or respond to your message within a few hours. Phone: (240) 833-5580. Email:

Helpers You Know and Trust: All Silver Spring Village volunteers are screened, trained, and insured. They are your neighbors. Many volunteers are also members of the Village. 

photo by Marc Kagan


Interested in joining us?  You can get started by completing the Membership Application.  After completing the form, please save it and email a copy to or print it and mail to the Village office: 8700 Georgia Ave., Suite 306, Silver Spring MD 20910.  

OR:  Send an email message to  with your name, street address, phone number, and email address.  Let us know whether email or phone is the better way to reach you, and the kind of membership -- Full or Associate--that interests you. We will contact you to answer your questions and explain the enrollment process.  If you wish to join as a Full member, we'll also arrange a time to visit with you at your home to ensure we can meet your expectations.  We look forward to getting to know you!  


Silver Spring Village is a nonprofit organization whose operation depends on membership dues, volunteers, and monetary contributions from individual and institutional supporters. To make services widely available throughout our community, membership dues, which cover less than half our operating costs, are as low as possible.  

Full Membership:  $380 for an individual    Associate Membership:  $180 for an individual* 

         $495 for a couple                $295 for a couple*


*Tax-Deductibility for Associate Members:  
Silver Spring Village, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Maryland corporation. Associate members will receive goods and services with estimated fair market value of $50 (individual) or $75 (couple) in exchange for your membership payment. The remainder may be tax-deductible as allowed by law. No portion of your payment as a Full member may be considered tax-deductible. The organization's financial statements may be examined upon written request to Silver Spring Village, Inc., 8700 Georgia Avenue, Suite 306, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Documents submitted under the Maryland Solicitation Act are available, for the cost of copying and postage, from the Secretary of State, State House, Annapolis, MD 21401.

Reduced Membership Dues:
To ensure inclusivity, we offer reduced membership dues to applicants with limited income.  For more information, p
lease email or call the main Village phone, (240) 833-5580, and request a call-back from Doug Gaddis.  All financial information will be held strictly confidential.  

  Full Membership:  $60   Associate Membership:  $25

Village membership provides peace of mind and continued connection to your community — priceless!


Call Today: (240) 833-5580