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Establishing and operating a Village requires the work of many dedicated people with all types of experience and skills. Whether you have a lot of time to give, or only a little, we can find a role that fits your schedule and interests. There are ample opportunities for fun and rewarding involvement.  

Delivering the Goods to a Grateful Member on Our 3rd Annual Pi (Pie) Day           Helping a Member with His Computer Project
Would you like to provide direct assistance to our Village members? You might volunteer to do one, or several, of the following:  friendly visiting; driving members to appointments; helping with shopping, errands, pet care, computers or gadgets; or doing minor home repairs and small tasks that require climbing or lifting.
Or would you like to help Village staff with planning and organizational work? You might, for example, answer the Village phone, help recruit members and volunteers, plan educational programs and/or social events, or help with fundraising and development.  
Helping Out in the Village Office Program Committee Planning Member Events
Recruiting capable and enthusiastic volunteers and matching them with our members is essential to the success of our Village.  We strive to provide effective and “neighborly” services for members as well as positive and rewarding experiences for our volunteers. Meeting these twin goals will produce the added benefits of new friendships and a stronger community.      
Volunteer service for Silver Spring Village should be rewarding and should not become a burden. Volunteers may serve on a regular or periodic basis. Volunteers are free to accept or decline any assignment, depending on their preferences and schedules.


We invite all interested persons (age 18 or older) who support our mission to serve as volunteers. While volunteers are not required to be members of our Village, they are welcome to join, and many do.  Under certain specified conditions, we allow teenagers (ages 13-17) to serve along with an accompanying parent who is a Village volunteer.

Application Process
All applicants must be officially accepted and enrolled by the Director of Volunteer Services before performing tasks for the Village.  The first step is to complete our
 Volunteer Application.  Please address any questions about these to our Director of Volunteer Services.  
All Silver Spring Village volunteers receive training to ensure they understand Silver Spring Village's Volunteer Code of Conduct and other established rules and policies regarding volunteer service.  Training covers issues related to volunteers' safety and liability, safeguarding of members' privacy and confidentiality, and practical matters related to scheduling and record-keeping.  
Background Check
All of our volunteers (as well as Board members and staff) must pass an official background check. Applicants will receive instructions about how to complete this online.  Please download our Volunteer Screening Policy.

In addition, volunteer drivers will be asked to allow a check of their motor vehicle records. A volunteer who refuses this permission will not be allowed to serve as a driver. 

Volunteer Drivers  
Volunteer drivers use their own vehicles and their own insurance coverage. A copy of the driver’s license, automobile registration, and auto insurance card must be on file in the Village office. Volunteers may report gas and mileage costs as deductible charitable contributions for income tax purposes. If parking fees are incurred while on a volunteer driving assignment, these fees are to be paid by the Village member (the passenger).
Volunteer Support and Recognition
To highlight and reward the contributions of our volunteers, we hold an annual volunteer recognition event. The photos below are from a volunteers-and-members party.

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